Douglas J. Cross Transportation Consulting

(Retired as of July 2022; however, I will still accept occasional, limited engagements: either in the S.F. Bay Area or in certain locales that I have a pre-existing reason to travel to. Legal cases must be at the beginning of the process, before any significant discovery has been performed.)

Douglas J. Cross Transportation Consulting specializes in:

  • Transit accessibility
  • Paratransit policy and operations
  • ADA training for drivers and supervisors
  • Small transit system operations
  • Community transit alternatives
  • Program and performance evaluations
  • Report and proposal writing/editing


A seasoned transit/paratransit planner and manager with over 33 years of experience in the following:

  • Operations
  • Training
  • Vehicle and equipment design and research
  • Policy and industry standards
  • Expert consultation and evaluation
  • Service design
  • Public involvement
  • Funding
  • Government relations
  • Experience spanning 12 years as Accessible Services Manager for AC Transit (Oakland) and Sacramento Regional Transit:
    • Coordinated all aspects of fixed route bus and light rail accessibility
    • Managed contracted regional ADA paratransit programs
    • Developed innovative accessibility programs and vehicle features
  • Representation for US transit industry to national & international wheelchair standards and research bodies (ANSI, ISO, RERC-WTS)
  • Experience as operations manager for three 40-vehicle paratransit operations, in Oakland, Cincinnati, and Lake County (Ohio)


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Independent consulting, from technical advice to formal projects, such as plans and evaluation reports, either individually or teamed with other professionals. I offer assistance in many areas of expertise:

Vehicle and service accessibility:


  • Service structure and design
  • Service policies and eligibility certification
  • Dispatch and operations procedures
  • Scheduling and communications technology

General transit:

  • Contracting with public agencies and private firms
  • Performance monitoring, tracking, and reporting
  • Vehicle selection and specifications
  • System-wide performance evaluation
  • Employee recruitment, screening, and training

Customer and public involvement:

  • Rider surveys and research
  • Rider guides and educational materials
  • Complaint procedures and quality monitoring
  • Consumer advisory and advocacy strategies

Community transit alternatives:

  • Development of neighborhood circulators and "hybrid" services
  • Identifying appropriate transit services for senior and disabled travelers
  • Market research for target group mobility needs

Professional, high-quality writing and editing:

  • Studies and evaluation reports
  • Grant applications and proposals
  • Marketing and educational materials


As a consultant:

  • Assistance in bus system wheelchair securement policy, procedures, and training for several transit systems in California, as well as for a statewide insurance pool
  • Developed and delivered transit agency training programs in lift & ramp usage/safety and ADA/passenger assistance
  • Expert witness evaluation/testimony in litigation involving wheelchair securement, passenger assistance, and paratransit service performance
  • On-board service monitoring and analysis for public transit systems in Sacramento and Orange County, Calif.
  • Researched and co-authored a national study on wheelchair access in transportation sponsored by Easter Seals Project ACTION
  • Frequent presenter at industry conferences and workshops (see “vitae” section for publications and presentations)
  • Served as instructor for the California Transit/Paratransit Management Certificate Program (University of the Pacific) course, “A Transit Manager's Guide to Regulations and Funding”
  • Operational and needs assessment for a small city senior center-based paratransit program
  • Analysis/revision of ADA stop announcement requirements for Sacramento Regional Transit District
  • Operational and ADA compliance evaluation for ADA paratransit programs in Baltimore, Austin, Texas, and Breckenridge, Colorado

As a transit system planner and manager:

  • Developed a wheelchair marking and tether strap program for customers, coordinated pilot demonstrations of new wheelchair securement equipment designs, and coordinated the design of new rear-facing wheelchair stations in AC Transit's European BRT-style buses
  • Managed a study of the services design and structure of the East Bay Paratransit Consortium (AC Transit and BART)
  • Coordinated participation in, and responses to, FTA ADA reviews of ADA Paratransit (East Bay) and Key Station accessibility (Sacramento)
  • Managed a performance evaluation and ADA compliance review of the Sacramento ADA paratransit program
  • Wrote and managed ADA paratransit plan updates for Sacramento and East Bay Paratransit & Sacramento light rail key station accessibility plan
  • Developed rider policies for East Bay Paratransit, and gave “how to” training presentations at NTI, APTA, and state association meetings
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